USB slave, An Electronic Dance music DJ AND PRODUCER from los angeles.

Ryan Krasnow grew up in Los Angeles California. While being raised on classics like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Who, Meatloaf and Fleetwood Mac, it was safe to say his Rock N Roll roots were established early.

Ryan decided at age twelve that he wanted to play drums. So over the next year, he proceeded to bang around on everything he saw. He quickly joined a punk rock band which essentially was the groundwork he needed to decide that he was going to pursue music. He played every local gig he could find and even was lucky enough to have performed twice at the Vans Warped Tour.

Deep rooted in punk rock, a friend told him that she wanted to take him to a rave. Not knowing anything about the dance culture, Ryan was intrigued and wanted to see what it was all about. “I went to my first dance party at 15 years old sporting a big green Mohawk. The love that seemingly was a collective ideology was something I have never felt before. Regardless of my appearance, I was welcomed with open arms. At one point, I remember looking over at a sea of people and realizing we were all in this, together. The vibes were something that words can’t describe. I knew right then and there that this dance community was more than just about a party, this was a culture and I wanted to be a part of it”.

Ryan continued to learn other instruments including guitar and bass. He happened upon this new found love very unexpectedly when he was invited by a longtime band mate to sit in on a session for a folk music project. He felt very at ease behind the heavy strings as he states “It’s like the perfect medium between guitar and drums”.

This newfound interest outside of the drums has led Ryan into creating an electronic outfit with the same “no holds barred” mentality that he’s implemented in his music career. “I just wanted to put my thoughts into sounds. I am not trying to fit a mold or a sound in particular. This is my creative outlet and if I can get one person dancing, then my goal has been met”.

Ryan (USB sLAve) has since played in LA and OC California as well as Arizona and Nevada with names such as Dion Timmer, Junkie Kid, Botnek and more. With his monthly podcast and live-stream USB sLAve Radio, there are definitely no signs of stopping!