USB sLAve Radio Chapter 4 Ft. $hareBear Pt. (USB sLAve)

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This Episode: USB sLAve Radio Chapter 4 Ft. $hareBear Part 1: USB sLAve

We're switching things up here a bit! I'm really happy to have Kristi Jacobsen from The Broken Glass Blog here to help with our guest interview tonight. She hosts a blog that I encourage you to checkout here about empowering females in the music industry. Which is a fantastic opportunity to segue into our next guest, $hareBear. She's a producer and DJ based out of Orange County California. She has her own show called ShareRadio. She is going to be blessing the show tonight with an awesome mix of some deep drum & bass. The track selection she has here is fantastic and she really goes in. But first, I’ll be bringing a vibe to get you goin with some Jersey Club.

Album Art: @weekndwarriormusic